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4111, 4110, This is a merged exhaust for VW Volkswagen Bug and Ghia sedan. It is Made in USA with mandrel bends. Merged exhaust is for performance motors that need to breath. Smaller cc engines with mild cams and little head work only require 1 1/2 inch t This is a set of 14 rocker molding clips for 1961-1966 VW Volkswagen Squareback, Notchback and Fastback. These molding clips fit the wide early rocker molding. These clips are the plastic ones which will keep water out of the holes. 311853587 This is a rebuilt front end axle beam for VW Volkswagen Thing. This will also fit VW Volkswagen Bug and Baja 1966-1977. This is an original German thing beam with 3 inch raised adjusters welded in, new thing ball joints and oem vw thing stock raised spind
1961-1966 type 3 Fastback, Notchback, Squareback rock molding clips (set of 14)
Rebuilt Thing 3 inch raised adjustable balljoint front end beam for VW Volkswagen