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Stock fuel pump for alternator
Stock fuel pump for alternator

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When it comes to choosing a fuel pump for your car, there are a few things to consider. Fuel pumps for alternators are specifically designed in an angled position to clearance the larger diameter of an alternator. They will still fit engines with generators if the correct length (99.5mm) fuel pump rod is used. If you use an upright fuel pump that is designed for generators and are using it with an alternator, it will sometimes have clearance issues and hit an alternator. Some upright pumps for generators may barely clear an alternator but can not be installed or replaced without removing the alternator. The fuel pump push rod length must also be checked. Most angled fuel pumps for alternator use a 99.5 mm rod while generator pumps use a 107mm rod. Using a longer rod (107mm) on an alternator pump will break the pump lever instantly. Are you are wondering if a stock fuel pump can provide enough fuel for your street stomping, fire breathing monster? The answer is probably, yes. Stock fuel pumps will usually work fine for cars up to the 13 second bracket in the 1/4 mile. That's pretty fast. If you are going faster than that, then you already know you need an electric pump.

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