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Mahle cast and forged graphite coated pistons and cylinders, 85.5mm, 87 mm, 88, 90.5, 92, 94, stock and stroker, A & B for VW Volkswagen.Mahle pistons and cylinder for VW Volkswagen have always been the engine builders choice when it comes to quality. The n203551, n203531, n203571, n203741, braided hose cloth German Continental fuel gas vacuum breather line Hose for VW Volkswagen. Sold per foot. This is a replacement German made hose by Continental. It is used for vacuum, fuel and breather applications. It These DMS crankshafts for VW Volkswagen are made in USA from original German cranks. Counter weights are added to a stock forged German crank, then eight doweled and balanced. All stroker cranks are then nitrated (heat treated) and shot peened. Stroker cr
Mahle cast and forged graphite coated pistons and cylinders, 85.5mm, 87 mm, 88, 90.5, 92, 94, stock and stroker, A & B for VW Volkswagen
German Continental hose for VW Volkswagen
Forged German cranks for VW Volkswagen
German and performance forged chromoly gland nuts 111105305E, Empi 4029, 4030, Scat 60025, Bugpack 4035-10 German gland nuts have always been the standard for quality when building a motor. Stock 36mm gland nuts are torqued to 254 ft lbs. New performance Aluminum degree pulleys for VW crankshaft  crank forged empi bugpack scat gene berg santana equalizer achiever billet Crankshaft degree pulleys for VW Volkswagen allow you to set your timing and valve adjustments with accuracy. Degree numbers are screened Replacement black and chromed, engine fan shrouds for VW Volkswagen. Angled for remote coolers, for early or late model doghouse oil coolers, with or without heater. Replacement fan shrouds, cylinder tins, breast plates and firewall tins can get your engi
Crankshaft gland nuts for VW Volkwagen
Aluminum crankshaft timing degree pulleys for VW Volkswagen
Replacement black and chromed, engine fan shrouds for VW Volkswagen. Angled for remote coolers, for early or late model doghouse oil coolers, with or without heater.
Replacement engine cylinder shrouds tins for VW Volkswagen 8938, 8940, 8937, 8943, 8936, 8941, 8939, 8942 Engine sheet metal tin for VW Volkswagen. A replacement breast plate can be an important choice for an air cooled Volkswagen motor. Air cooled VW motors use sheet metal and rubber seals to separate hot and co 8930, 8952, 8945, 8951, Replacement engine front firewall tin for VW. Front engine firewall tins are made for early oil coolers and late doghouse oil coolers. Late model doghouse oil coolers have a 2 piece exhaust vent to remove hot air from oil cooler ou
Engine cylinder tin shrouds
Engine breast plate sheet metal tin for VW Volkswagen
Front engine firewall tin for VW
Replacement crankshaft pulley tin for VW Volkswagen 8896, 8884, This is 2 piece exhaust tin for late model VW Volkswagen doghouse oil coolers and shrouds. If the 2 piece tin is missing off of the back of your shroud, hot exhaust air from the oil cooler can be recycled back over the motor from the fan. Air New factory VW Volkswagen 1600cc AS41 magnesium engine case 043101025, 98-0431-B, This case weighs 17 lbs less than an aluminum aftermarket engine case and magnesium engine cases have better heat dissipation properties.
Pulley tin
Doghouse exhaust tins
New factory VW AS41 magnesium dual relief universal engine case with hanger mount holes and 8mm head stud case savers for VW Volkswagen
Fan shroud plugs for VW Volkswagen 113117021 New stock motor and engine oil coolers and stands for air cooled for VW Volkswagen Bug and Super Beetle. Late model offset doghouse oil coolers combined with late model wider fans were designed by Volkswagen engineers to ensure maximum cooling e Alternator generator pulleys for VW Volkswagen 043903109, 042903109, 040903109, 9166, 9191,98-9012,16-9706,16-9707 make sure you properly shim the pulley for belt tension. There are suppose to be 7 to 10 shims on the pulley,
Shroud plugs
New stock engine oil coolers and stands for air cooled for VW Volkswagen Bug and Super Beetle
12 volt alternator/generator pulleys for VW Volkswagen
4020, 4021, 4009, 4010, 4005, Chromoly cylinder head studs for VW Volkswagen are available in 8 and 10mm. Head studs come complete with thick heavy duty washer and factory stye nuts. These are available in stock length or 12.75mm's longer for larger strok 040101157, 113101157C, 98-0157-B, 98-156-B, This is a replacement cam plug for VW Volkswagen 1300cc-1600cc engine cases. The metal camplugs are for engine cases with a groove cut into the cam plug area and the rubber ones are for replacement cases with no 311105271, 311105273, 311105273A, 311105273HP, 98-1273-B, 98-1275-B, Original VW Volkswagen German flywheels were forged and built with the quality to stand the test of time. German forged flywheels are still used in performance applications from drag rac
Metal, rubber, billet cam plugs
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Chromoly cylinder head studs for VW Volkswagen
Cam plugs for VW Volkswagen engine cases
Stock and performance flywheels for VW Volkswagen
AL82N, AL82X, Bosch 043903023C New 12 volt alternators 55 amp 75 amp 95 amp for VW Volkswagen. New alternators with internal regulators for VW Volkswagen classic Beetles can give your car that higher amperage needed for todays performance lighting and ste 3 piece firewall tar board sound insulation for VW Volkswagen. If you are trying to keep your engine compartment quiet or just clean it up a little, stock firewall insulation and chrome firewalls can keep the noise down and give you that show car look. 111813705A, 111813705D, 111813741G, Engine compartment seals for VW Volkswagen are a vital component to an air cooled engine. Your fan is trying to pull cold air over the engine from the fresh air vents. If there is a breach in the sheet metal or engine c
New 12 Volt Alternators with Internal Regulator for VW
Engine compartment insulation and chromed firewalls for VW
Engine compartment seals for VW
113109309C, Scat 20018, 20018L, We carry a full line of camshaft lifters for VW Volkswagen. Depending on the application, you can choose from stock Brazilian, German, Scat clearanced or Scat lube-a-lobe. If you are using a high lift camshaft, Scat perform 21-2308, 21-2309, Scat 20129 Heavy duty solid rocker shafts for VW Volkswagen are an essential component when using performance high rev springs. Stock rocker shafts have an inferior thin wire spring clip holding the rockers on the shafts. Bolt together s 311119317A, 8933, 8877, 113119451D, Super cool tins were originally designed for VW Volkswagen Type 3 motors but still used by many engine builders on Type 1 motors today. This tin can be used with or without stock heater box deflector tins. Cool tin must
Camshaft lifters for VW Volkswagen
Scat pro comp series 1.25 rockers
Engine cool tins for VW Volkswagen
113115611, 98-1162-B, 9054, 9075, 8500, Oil dipsticks for VW Volkswagen. Stock, chromed, extended 7.5 inches and billet handled dip sticks will fit both stock magnesium and aftermarket aluminum engine cases. 8904, This is a polished oil filler for VW Volkswagen. It will screw into a stock VW alternator or generator stand. You will find the it is sometimes nearly impossible to remove a stock oil filler from an old stand. An easy and clean looking fix to the pr 113115175, 311115175A, 111115175B, 16-8964, 8964, 8911, 113115181A Oil drain plates, stock and billet, oil screens, studs, nuts and magnetic drain plugs for VW Volkswagen. Changing your oil and keeping it clean will keep your motor alive. Never use open e
Engine oil dip sticks for VW Volkswagen
Stock style oil fillers for VW Volkswagen
Oil screens and drain plates for VW Volkswagen
043255105F, 043255106F, 043255107HD, 043255108HD, 113255165,043298103,043298104, 113255341A, 3 piece heater box tin for VW Volkswagen. Heater box tin will not only protect you pushrod tubes for rocks and debris, it is actually part of the cylinder cooling Stock forged steel intake and exhaust valves for VW Volkswagen. Stock valves are made of from forged steel. Stock valves are less abrasive than stainless valves and will allow the valve guides to live much longer. Valves are sold each. 35mm Stock forged s 9117, 9118, Crankshaft pulley bolts for VW Volkswagen. Stock length is used when using a stock or standard pulley. If you are using a bolt on sand seal, the longer bolt is recommended.
Chrome and black heater box tin for VW Volkswagen
Stock steel forged valves for VW Volkswagen
Chrome crankshaft bolt and washer for VW Volkswagen