Stock clutch kits and high performance Kennedy clutch kits early 200mm for VW Volkswagen. New 200mm pressure plate (1967-1970 VW Volkswagen), new early throw out bearing, new 200mm clutch disc and clutch alignment tool. Upgraded stage 1 thru 4 Kennedy pre 115-2011, 15-2012, 15-2017 Empi. Classic Vintage Type 2 Westfalia Bus Luggage Roof Rack for VW Volkswagen Van . This roof rack will fit all Volkswagen type 2 buses and double cabs 1950-1079. I have even heard it fits some the classic chevy cars. This is a
009 bosch screamer kit 12 volt coil spark plug wires empi kit pertronix compufire compu-tronix flamethrower bug beetle.Ignition screamer kits for VW Volkswagen. Replace those old and tired VW ignition parts. Todays hotter coils and higher voltage spark pl 5 spoke Empi American Eagle alloy wheels for VW Volkswagen. 0726-5524, 0729-5524, 0722-5524, 9673, 9561,This wheel is 5 on 205 wide VW lug pattern. They are only available in 15 inch x 5.5 inch wide. Available in black, fully polished or chromed.
113898740, 98-2012, 5mm heavy duty replacement floor pan insulation for VW Volkswagen will help keep the noise out. This is a thick tar mat material that can be spray glued to the pan. Then I install the carpet or rubber floor mats over it.  So if you lik Made in USA CMS (Custom Metal Spinning) spindle mount wheels for VW Volkswagen will bolt on to you front end spindle without any brake drum or hub. Spindle mount wheels are commonly used on sand cars and light weight buggy applications when front brakes a
Stock clutch kits and high performance Kennedy clutch kits late 200mm for VW Volkswagen 22-2850, 22-2981, 22-2921, 22-2850, 22,2981, 22-2921, 498492,This is a no hassle zero offset bolt on front disc brake kit for VW Volkswagen Standard Beetle 1966-1977 (not Super Beetle) fits stock VW drum spindles and allow you to bolt on disc brakes