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Lowering struts for VW Super Beetle are designed to make your front VW Volkswagen suspension adjustable up to 4 inches. Lower strut housings and shorter length strut inserts are the two essential components necessary to getting your car lowered. Additiona Ball joints for VW Super Beetle  133407361, 113407361E Super Beetles are notorious for the shimmy and shakes in the front end. Worn struts, tires,tie rod ends,idler arm bushing,steering box, steering damper and ball joints need to be thoroughly inspected. Suspension and Steering, front and rear sway bars for VW Volkswagen. SWAY BARS Improve handling and control body sway while preventing wheel hop under hard cornering. The Type 1 and 3 sway bars are made from heavy 3/4" steel, the Type 2 and Rabbit are mad
Adjustable Super Beetle lowered strut housings, inserts, springs and urethane bushings for VW Volkswagen
Ball joints for VW Volkswagen Super Beetle
Front and rear sway bars kits for VW Volkswagen
Suspension steering sway bars bushing, clamps, camber compensator, traction bar, Super beetle struts and springs for VW Volkswagen DELUXE SWAY BAR MOUNTING KITS Urethane Bushings with Stainless Steel T-Bolt type clamps. Fits both Ball Joint and Link Pin. Urethane and stock suspension bump stops for VW Volkswagen.bump stop options: 111401273 Stock replacement front rubber snubber Link Pin, Pair, 16-5109-0 Urethane Front Snubber Link pin, Pr., B658600 Bugpack Urethane Front Snubber Link pin, Pr., 311501191 New Replacement brake kit for 1971-1979 VW Volkswagen Super Beetle  new master cylinder, 4 wheel cylinders,  4 brake hoses , front and rear brake shoes, front and rear brake hardware kits.
Sway bars bushing, stainless clamps, camber compensator, traction bar, Super beetle struts and springs for VW Volkswagen
Urethane bushings, couplers, stops for VW Volkswagen
Stock replacement brake kit for all 4 wheels 1971-1979 VW Super Beetle Volkswagen