8 spoke Empi American Eagle alloy wheels for VW Volkswagen. 0719-5530, 0716-5530, 0712-5530, 0710-5530, 9672, 9557, 9558, This wheel is 4 on 130 late VW lug pattern. 8 spoke wheels are available painted black, fully polished and chromed. Mahle cast and forged graphite coated pistons and cylinders, 85.5mm, 87 mm, 88, 90.5, 92, 94, stock and stroker, A & B for VW Volkswagen.Mahle pistons and cylinder for VW Volkswagen have always been the engine builders choice when it comes to quality. The
New factory VW Volkswagen 1600cc AS41 magnesium engine case 043101025, 98-0431-B, This case weighs 17 lbs less than an aluminum aftermarket engine case and magnesium engine cases have better heat dissipation properties. This is a narrowed 2 inch front end for VW Volkswagen standard Beetle 1953-1965 and Karmann Ghia (not Super Beetle). We use a brand new 2 inch narrowed center beam. New beams have avis (ratchet style) adjusters for maximum range of adjustment and new oem
Stock clutch kits and high performance Kennedy clutch kits early 200mm for VW Volkswagen. New 200mm pressure plate (1967-1970 VW Volkswagen), new early throw out bearing, new 200mm clutch disc and clutch alignment tool. Upgraded stage 1 thru 4 Kennedy pre This is a brand new stock late model doghouse cooling fan for the Type 1 VW upright motors. It will work on Volkswagen air cooled motors that use the larger late style doghouse oil cooler and wider fan. Late model wider fans also produce 100 cfm's more th
5 spoke Empi American Eagle alloy wheels for VW Volkswagen. 0726-5524, 0729-5524, 0722-5524, 9673, 9561,This wheel is 5 on 205 wide VW lug pattern. They are only available in 15 inch x 5.5 inch wide. Available in black, fully polished or chromed. 22-2925, 22-2926, VW Volkswagen, This is a disc brake kit with 2.5 inch dropped spindles for ball joint or king and link pin Standard Beetle 1947-1977 and Karmann Ghia (not Super Beetle). Get rid of those dinosaur front drum brakes and upgrade to the stop
2.5 inch dropped spindle disc brake kit 5 on 205
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