New Replacement brake kit for 1971-1979 VW Volkswagen Super Beetle  new master cylinder, 4 wheel cylinders,  4 brake hoses , front and rear brake shoes, front and rear brake hardware kits. Balljoint front end axle beam for VW Volkswagen Bug standard Beetle 1966-1977 and Karmann Ghia (not Super Beetle). We rebuild German beams to stock specifications or add weld in adjusters to raise or lower you car.Weld in adjuster allow 3 inches of adjus
Porsche style 914 2 liter alloy wheels fully polished with chrome center caps, 4 on 130 bolt pattern. 0739-5530, with 4 9/16 inch back spacing.This wheel is 4 on 130 late VW lug pattern. They are only available in 15 inch x 5.5 inch wide. 2 liter alloy wh Door seal restorations kits for VW Volkswagen Type 2 Bus. Door kits includes seals for (2) both doors left and right, door seals, vent seals, long felts, short felts, outer scrapers, inner scrapers and vent flap seals.
Stock clutch kits and high performance Kennedy clutch kits late 200mm for VW Volkswagen 1835cc Engine Rebuild Kits for VW Volkswagen 92mm X 69mm 1835cc engine rebuild kits for VW Volkswagen include Mahle 92mm forged graphite coated pistons and cylinders (machining required), rings, wrist pins, clips, rebuilt German forged stock 69mm cranksha
AL82N, AL82X, Bosch 043903023C New 12 volt alternators 55 amp 75 amp 95 amp for VW Volkswagen. New alternators with internal regulators for VW Volkswagen classic Beetles can give your car that higher amperage needed for todays performance lighting and ste This price is for a pair of spindles. These are made in USA A-arm style spindles with a chromoly combo stub or Oem VW style ball joint spindle stub. If you are trying to build for strength, then use a combo stub. If you have a light weight mini buggy and